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Release: 0.9.3-alpha, April 1 2012

About httest

httest is a native, lean and powerful commandline HTTP testing utility, not unlike HttpUnit, but with more low-level connection control, support for simulated servers and more.

However, powerful as it is - using it may be a bit daunting for the beginner, due to the proprietary test script format. This is where httest Buddy is coming into the picture.

About httest Buddy


httest Buddy is, among other things, an editor for httest, with syntax highlighting, online help, code example generator and more (see Features).

JUnit Wrapper

httest Buddy also provides a Java wrapper for the native httest tool in the form of a library which contains a base class for JUnit-based tests. This allows to execute unit tests in Java, using httest, completely transparently; the base class automatically extracts and executes the httest binary of the platform it is running on.

Commandline Wrapper

Last but not least, the executable Jar file can also be used as a simple wrapper for the native httest binaries on the commandline. That way, you can use httest on all available platforms while handling only one single file. And if required, the binaries can easily be extracted - and even the PDF user's guide is available in the executable Jar file.