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Release: 0.9.3-alpha, April 1 2012

Release Notes


Still working towards 1.0....
  • Improved "Live HTTP Headers" import dialog: allows for interactive filtering of request headers now. Next step: Storing selection in preferences (so that those filtered headers are pre-selected next time automatically), and probably some kind of interactive _MATCH and / or _EXPECT generation.


Still working towards 1.0....
  • Refactoring the "Live HTTP Headers" import functionality (new import dialog will allow for interactive tailoring of import details in coming releases)
  • Various minor bug fixes


Initial release, with limited preview-functionality:
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Online Help
  • Very basic "Live HTTP Headers" data import function
  • Includes PDF User's Guide
  • Limited number of source examples
  • Automatic storing of currently open tabs